Privacy Policy

This is the Tunefruit privacy policy.  We’re not really sure why you clicked on it because we’re not really sure what to put here. 

In a nutshell:

If you’re selling music…

You need an account with Tunefruit.  We request your basic contact information so we can send you money and we know you like that.  It’s just your basic stuff – name, company name (if you don’t have one you can make one up), phone number, e-mail address, brick and mortar snail mail address – that sort of thing.  You can choose a screen name to either shield your real name from other users on the site or to just be cooler than you already are.  You get to pick a super secret superhero password so only you can login to your account.  That’s pretty much it.  That information just lives on our server until such time as we owe you money (and we know you like that) – then all we do with it is send you your precious coins via Paypal which is proven to be safe and secure.  This information is not shared with anybody outside of Tunefruit at any time for any reason.  Really.  Your secrets are safe with us.

If you’re licensing music…

You don’t even need to set up a Tunefruit account.  Simply choose a track, select a license that suits your specific use, and the rest of the transaction is processed via PayPal.  Tunefruit never sees your credit card information.  We don’t even want to see it – so when they shine the light in our eyes our ignorance is blissful.  PayPal (and their fancy pants lawyers) no doubt has their own privacy policy… which, if you clicked on this is probably the sort of thing you’re the type to read.  Whatever it says, we agree with it.
We don’t ask for your favorite episode of Dancing With The Stars, if you are old enough to remember the launch of MTV (ya know, when video killed the radio star), or if you prefer boxers or briefs.

So there.  Aren’t you glad you clicked on this link?


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