The Last Word


Both delicate and determined, this orchestral track creates lush, romantic and epic textures through the use of classic orchestral elements and heartfelt melodies. "The Last Word" starts off with a delicate, sentimental, emotional and memorable melody on the piano played over a unique and organic combination of vibraphone and glockenspiel. This lullaby-like introduction continues with the addition of an almost hypnotic, yet simple and catchy ukelele rhythmic pattern, which then transitions into a brighter and a bit more energetic and fuller section, where peaceful, motivational and cinematic soundscapes turn into a more driving and inspirational middle section. After a mellow and introspective breakdown, music then recapitulates back to its main melodic motive taking us to a louder, climatic and uplifting full orchestra ending and creating a very dramatic and unique sounding film music track. Suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, business presentations, film and tv footage, epic, cinematic and dramatic visuals and story, travel and nature related contents, commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv and web adverts. Additional edits/versions and audio file formats available upon request.

Uploaded on 05/26/14 by BeatheBeat


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Tier 1 - Personal Use, Non-Commercial Internet Video (YouTube / Vimeo)

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